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Full Brazilian Wax (strip, triangle or in between!) - 30.00 (25.00 for regulars)
Full Hollywood Wax (including all the underneath & bottom if required - 35.00 (30.00 for regulars)
Bikini line - 15 mins -10.00
Lip - 15mins - 6.00
leg - 15mins - 15.00
leg - 20mins - 18.00
Full leg - 30mins - 22.50
Full leg and bikini - 30mins - 28.00
Full arm - 15mins - 15.00
arm - 15mins - 11.00
Underarm - 15mins - 7.00

Fake Tan

Fake Bake (3 colours available & I mix to suit your colouring) - 20.00
Spray Tanning Treatments are quick, inexpensive, and a lovely natural golden colour, plus there is a darker colour available for those of you with darker skin tones. The treatment take approx 15mins. You need to come fully exfoliated and wear dark loose clothing to put on after.

Body Treatments

Body Brushing (combined with Moisturising Body Oil Massage) - 30 mins - 30.00
For exfoliation and circulation benefits.

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage - 1 hour - 45.00
A full body massage, including face and neck, to aid relaxation – complete with heat treatment.

Deep Tissue Neck & Back Massage - 30 mins - 27.00
The ultimate stress reliever to soothe muscular tension in the shoulders, neck and back - including heat treatment.


Bio-Sculpture Gel full gel overlay (manicures and pedicures) - 32.00
The perfect solution for beautiful, durable and flexible. Long wearing and chip-proof, gel treated nails, keep their well manicured look long after application.
Soak off 10.00:- FREE if you come fortnightly, saving you 20.00 a month!

Shellac varnish gel - 30 mins - 25.00
This is a great product, a thin gel, which looks & is applied like a gel, cures in uv lamp.
Takes only 30mins and lasts 2 weeks, no chips & your in & out. colour, clear or French.

NEW Jessica Geleration Gel overlay varnish - 35 mins - 30.00
Geleration File, Hand exfoliation, Cuticle care and GELeration Gel polish

Full Jessica Manicure - 30mins - 25.00

Basic & quick File and Polish - 20 mins - 14.00


Zenspa Jessica Pedicure - 45 mins - 40.00
A wonderfully indulgent treatment, which includes a hot foot spa soak, massage, scrub, cuticle treatment, removal of hard skin, shape and application with Jessica's GELeration polish, all ready to pop your boots or shoes back on immediately.Add Spangles diamantes for only 3.00

Zenspa Delux Pedicure all of the above with lovely an enriching foot mask & heated booties, for those dry feet! Wonderful on a cold day. Application of polish - 45.00. Application of GELeration 47.50

Callus Peel - 20 mins - 15.00
This is an amazing specialised treatment for very hard skin any where on the feet. It can be combined with a pedicure or just booked on its own. The treatment takes between 15 and 20 mins and leaves your feet feeling sublimely soft.

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